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Dian's Holiday Fun book AND Creative DVDDian's Holiday Fun Package
Limited Offer:  Get Dian’s Book and DVD for only $14.99!
It’s just like getting a Book or DVD for FREE!  For a limited time only, you can order Dian’s Holiday Fun Year-Round book and her Creative Holiday Ideas DVD for the super low price of $14.99!  That’s less than regular price for either one, and you get them both with this special offer.  Not only will you save 63% off the regular price of $39.98 for this book and DVD, but you’ll get more creative fun than ever!  Holiday Fun Year-Round offers page after page of creative, easy ideas for every holiday of the year.  Creative Holiday Ideas brings Dian right into your home on your TV as she shares some of her all-time favorite projects that will create memories that last forever.  This package bundle makes a wonderful gift.  Order today!   
1 book/1 DVD

 Price $14.99

Dian's Complete Library Package Dian's Complete Library Package
Get the whole enchilada—all seven items—save 60% off the Retail Price of $119.93. It’s all here: the books Holiday Fun Year-Round, Fun at Home, Roughing It Easy, Recipes for Roughing It Easy, Backyard Roughing It Easy, AND two DVDs:  the Dutch Oven Cooking and Creative Holiday Ideas. You’ll be ready for anything! From outdoor camping adventures to creative home activities, these books will give you power-packed ideas to create memories your whole family will cherish.  An excellent gift for anyone looking for fun, clever and exciting ideas. 5 books / 2 DVDs

 Price $59.99

Outdoor Fun Package Outdoor Fun Package
Save over 40%. Get Dian’s Roughing It Easy and Recipes for Roughing It Easy books, plus the Dutch Oven Cooking DVD and save 40% off the Retail Value of $49.97! This is your “triple combination” for successful, memorable and fun camping trips. With over a million copies of Roughing It Easy sold, many consider it the all-in-one camping bible. When you add all of the extra Recipes and the Dutch Oven Cooking DVD, you can’t go wrong!  It all adds up with hundreds of delicious recipes, clever cooking and camping techniques.
2 books / 1 DVD

 Price $29.99

Family and Holiday Fun Family and Holiday Fun Package
Save over 45% off the Retail Price of $54.97! You will get Holiday Fun Year-Round, Fun at Home and the DVD, Creative Holiday Ideas which is narrated by Dian Thomas.The set is filled with hundreds of entertaining ideas to keep your family involved, surprised and amazed! Holiday Fun offers page after page of creative easy ideas for every holiday of the year. Fun at Home has activities that will capture the interest and provide opportunities for hours of fun for the whole family. Creative Holiday Ideas will bring Dian right to your home as she shares some of her all time favorite projects that will create memories that will last forever.  It’s also loaded with activities grandparents can do with their grandchildren. 2 books / 1 DVD

 Price $29.99

Million Dollar Publicity Kit Million Dollar Publicity Kit
This valuable six-volume kit from Dian Thomas contains all the necessary tools to get your message in front of millions--for free!. Dian's techniques for working with mass media have proven successful for hundreds of organizations that have effectively incorporated her methods.  This package includes DVDs, CDs and e-books covering these five publicity sources:

    • Television   • Newspaper   • Books   • Radio  • Public Relations   • Magazines

Learn to evaluate your media needs so you can...  
       • Capture free publicity and win media exposure
       • Create a successful interview
       • Discover insightful tips for media kits
       • Target key media contacts: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines
       • Drive sales with effective media exposure

Results you can expect:
       • Find strategies to get the media attention you deserve
       • Invent an innovative news hook
       • Deliver the perfect sound bite
       • Avoid costly media pitfalls
       • Make your business media-savvy
       • Learn tactics for gaining additional media opportunitie

6 DVDs - 6 CDs workbooks, etc.

 Price $399.99

Tipping the Scales in Your Favor - paperback Tipping the Scales in Your Favor - paperback
Permanent weight-loss is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. There is no one "magic bullet." Instead, it's a matter of consistently incorporating a number of steps that include exercise, eating right and accountability. It's like leading a symphony: You've got to have all the instruments playing at the same time or you don't get the results. In Dian's new book, Tipping the Scales in Your Favor, she shares step-by-step what she did to lose over 125 lbs. and keep up an active lifestyle!  The pages of the book come alive with practical tips, healthy recipes, over 175 beautiful color illustrations and her refreshing and honest story of the journey.
Paperback (226 pages)

 Price $19.99

Roughing It Easy - paperback Roughing It Easy - paperback
Even the camp cooks have fun when they're Roughing It Easy! This New York Times best-seller is chock-full of recipes and great ideas that make outdoor camping and cooking an adventure. It is the complete camper's bible. Cook eggs and bacon in a paper cup, and start a fire with steel wool and batteries! There are suggestions for equipment selection, fire building, campfire cooking, solar cooking, and even drying your own foods for backpacking! If you love the out-of-doors, Roughing It Easy is for you! In this new, expanded edition, Dian will also teach you about emergency planning for home, family and auto; and 72-hour kits and 30-day emergency supplies. Paperback (272 pages)

 Price $14.99

Recipes for Roughing It Easy - paperback Recipes for Roughing It Easy - paperback
To properly equip the outdoor enthusiast, here are the best recipes for outdoor and campfire eating fun.  From simply delicious breakfasts to "to-die-for" desserts, Dian Thomas shows readers how to cook inventive, flavorful meals in the great outdoors. Learn how to pack, prepare, and cook mouthwatering, easy-to-fix meals using portable gas stoves, aluminum foil, barbecue grills and Dutch ovens. With over 200 recipes and 145 photos, this is a book novices will appreciate, with tips on packing food for camping, creating a portable pantry, directions for preparing scrumptious meals, or making intended leftovers. Experienced campers will relish Dian's favorite ideas for novelty cooking—such as cooking chicken in a backpack while hiking, frying eggs and bacon in a paper bag, and even making ice cream in the woods! Paperback (240 pages)

 Price $14.99

Backyard Roughing It Easy - paperback Backyard Roughing It Easy - paperback
Backyard Roughing It Easy is synonymous with fun! In this book, Dian takes you on an outdoor adventure with her creative ideas for family fun. Dian answers all of your questions from how to start a fire to the do's and don'ts of planning a backyard camping trip with your family. Don't have a grill? Why not turn an ash can into a newspaper stove? Need tips for easy outdoor entertaining? Look no further; Dian's recipes and party ideas will make you the talk of the town. Backyard Roughing It Easy is filled to the brim with innovative, yet practical, tips for outdoor living. You'll never look at your backyard the same way again. Paperback (180 pages)

 Price $14.99

Dutch Oven Cooking Basics - DVD Dutch Oven Cooking Basics - DVD
Dian Thomas, an avid Dutch oven cook, is your guide to learning
everything you need to know about getting started with Dutch oven cooking. She walks you step-by-step  as she energetically prepares delicious recipes and shows unique ways to use your oven. 1 DVD Video

 Price $19.99

Holiday Fun Year Round - paperback Holiday Fun Year Round - paperback
Dian Thomas' year-round collection of festive ideas and recipes will make every holiday special. You'll discover interesting tidbits of information about many holidays, why we observe them, and how to celebrate them with fun. You'll discover ideas for:
    • A super Super Bowl party
    • An exciting egg hunt for Easter
    • Homemade gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day
    • Eerie decorations, creative costumes, and spooky treats for
    • Creative Christmas ideas
    • A nd more. From New Year's to Christmas.
Paperback (182 pages with full-color photos)

 Price $19.99

Dian's Creative Holiday Ideas - DVD Dian's Creative Holiday Ideas - DVD
See the best ideas from Dian’s 30+ years on national television!  Finally you can have a collection of Dian’s favorite ideas, narrated step-by-step which will help you create memories that last a lifetime with your children, grandchildren and friends!   This exciting two-DVD set features ideas for November and December Holidays.  Her warm, energetic personality comes to life on your TV screen.  Watch it with your family and get ready for some real fun. 1 DVD video

 Price $19.99

Fun at Home - paperback Fun at Home - paperback
This collection of creative ideas demonstrated on ABC's Home Show has something for everyone. Dian shows you how to keep the kids busy on a rainy day, make Kick-the-Can Ice Cream, and craft unique holiday decorations. It's a treasure of fun do-it-yourself or with-your-children projects! Paperback (272 pages)

 Price $14.99



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