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Make Your Own Easter Egg Tree  
By Dian Thomas

If you like Christmas trees and find that they bring a special feeling into the holiday, you will love the Easter egg tree. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions to get you started.

Easter Egg Tree
Decorate this tree with flowers and hatching chicks and bunny ornaments (see below).


Materials Needed:

A tree limb with many small branches.
Spray paint "optional"
Plaster of Paris
Basket with plastic liner (large enough to hold the branch)
Easter grass
Tiny silk flowers
Glue gun

Spray paint the branches if desired. Mix the plaster in the plastic liner according to the package directions. Insert the tree branch in the plaster and allow to harden. Put the plastic liner inside the basket and cover the plaster with grass. Attach the flowers to the branches with glue gun. Hang HATCHING CHICKS and Bunny Ornaments on the tree.

Hatching Chicks and Bunny Ornaments
Store these cute chicks and funny bunnies in an open egg carton inside the Styrofoam-popcorn-filled box.


6 raw eggs
12 2-inch P-P (for head and body)
12 (1/8inch - 1/4inch) Wiggie Craft
Orange felt, cut in 6 3/8inch triangle {for Beaks}
1 yard, cut into 6 5-inch strips
Glue gun


  • 6 raw eggs
    12 2-inch P-P (for head and body)
    12 (1/8inch - 1/4inch) Wiggie Craft
    Pink felt, cut in bunny ear shape
    White felt, cut small from inside <Lost Signal>
    Light felt, cut smaller for inside bunny ears
    -1 yard narrow pink ribbon, cut in six 5" strip
    -12 {1/4") light pink poms
    -6 (1/8") white pom
    -Glue gun


* To make each ornament, cut an egg in your hand and tap firmly with a knife to crack the shell.
* Break the egg in half. Wash both halves of the shell and allow to dry thoroughly.
* Glue the end of the ribbon inside the large half of the egg shelf on opposite side to form a handle.
* Glue the head and body pom-poms together and attach the eyes.
* Glue felt beaks on chickens.
* For the bunny, glue two small pink pom-pom side by side on the head of chickies and glue the small white pom-pom in the middle of the cheeks.
* Glue the small white felt ears to the large pink felt ears. Glue the ears to the top of the head.
* Set a couple of chicks or bunnies inside the large half on the eggshell.
* Glue the small end of the egg of the egg to the chickie's head, to make it appear it was just hatching.

Tip: If you don't have any wiggly eyes, punch out black construction paper with a round whole punch and glue to slightly larger round white construction paper.

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